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Lead your actions into a customer-centric organization with our AI platform that can be tailored to your needs. Every role has a massive impact on delivering extraordinary customer experiences.

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Neptune’s Enterprise Suites

Customer Insights

We source data to build CX metrics from NPS, customer satisfaction (CSAT), Voice of Customers (VOC) to predict issues in minutes that matter the most. Neptune uses sentiment analysis and segmentations to highlight critical data across the entire customer journey. We make it simple for your team to respond to customers and fix the issues bridging the gap. CX Metrics are vital signs to calibre customer satisfaction.

Product Insights

Neptune helps your Product team to explore the scope for new features and prioritize the roadmap. Our tool gives deeper insights into feedback, customer segments depicting their behavior. Your team can identify the features that make the customer's buy-in your product. We help you to devise a better product road map focusing on customer needs.

Employee Insights

Neptune dives deep into the unstructured feedback and analyzes what ‘s the driving factor for employee’s performance and engagement. In minutes, leverage our AI to turn the feedback into insights actionable within your organization.

Customer Operations

Get ahead with customer services and anticipate the emerging issues. Provide quick resolutions in whatever channels the customer are preferring. Keep monitoring the CX metrics sourced from CSAT, NPS, VOC to understand what the customer needs and deliver tailored resolutions.